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New boats free license from the Horizon fleet!

Horizon : A Premium range

After the launch of the Horizon for the 2016 season and 3 new models in 2017, our fleet of boats without a top-of-the-range license expands with 1 model even more spacious to accommodate groups or large families: the Horizon 5
All Horizon boats are equipped with the most innovative and comfortable equipment and it is the only boat in the fleet combining two spaces exterior and spacious interior space! This 2017 season we witnessed the successful launch of the new Horizon boats, a boat with 2 to 4 cabins.


Leboat En-bateaucom
A perfect boat for couples, or small families, combining space, features and comfort! Two people looking for more features and a higher spec now have the perfect option with the Horizon

L'horizon 2-S

This river boat
is the same size as its elder (11,5m), with a capacity of five passengers and is available on the canals of France, Holland, Italy and Ireland.

L'Horizon 3

Bateau Horizon Leboat
This prestige boat will accommodate seven passengers in three cabins and crisscross the canals of France, Ireland.

L'Horizon 4

Leboat En-bateaucom
Up to nine passengers in four cabins and this boat will sail in Holland, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

L'Horizon 5

Leboat En-bateaucom
The Horizon 5 perfect for a large group of 5 couples, which meets all the requirements in terms of space, ease of maneuver, accessibility and equipment on board.

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